Shoei Printing Co., Ltd. is a global printing business, across Asia in particular, which covers sales promotion planning, publishing and strategic base opening supports in an exhaustive way.

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With female sensitivity and attention, I would like to make our customers happier.
Joining the company in March 2008
Aya Suzuki
It is important for salespeople not just to provide customers with products to their desired images, but also to propose more effective ideas and suggestions to them. For this purpose, I need the professional knowledge of printing as well as a broad range of concepts of novelties and digital contents. In the company, I participate in various events and training sessions to widen my experiences as a member of the Sales Department team.

Before coming here, I did not have any printing know-how and selling experiences. Although I felt that male staffers are in charge of sales activities. But the sales team that I now belong to consists of a majority of female staffers. Making the most of feminine touch and choice, I am going to offer nicer ideas to make our customers happier.

Five years after coming abroad, I am more in charge and more challenging.
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