Shoei Printing Co., Ltd. is a global printing business, across Asia in particular, which covers sales promotion planning, publishing and strategic base opening supports in an exhaustive way.

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Second Production Department. (bookbinding)

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Before coming aboard, I thought this company was highly aware of environment. As a staffer here, I now feel it much stronger.
Joining the company in April 2010
Kanako Saito
I work in Second Production Department, in which printed materials are cut to specifications, folded to dimensions, and finally bound together.
At my station, printed products undergo final process. With all the posts of the company well coordinated, we are engaged on our respective tasks in order to deliver better and better products to customers.

During the company visit before joining in, I felt that the factory is very eco-friendly. Once entering this company, this environmental awareness is thanks to the conscious mind of each staffer.
While valuing Mother Nature and workplace conditions, I am going to minimize mistakes and losses and to finish our products better as ever before.

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