Shoei Printing Co., Ltd. is a global printing business, across Asia in particular, which covers sales promotion planning, publishing and strategic base opening supports in an exhaustive way.

Corporate Philosophy

The Shoei Printing management has been devoting itself to the top-rated reliability to our
customers backed by its color-related knowledge and techniques, to the very happiness to our
employees, and to heartwarming relationships to local communities.

Management Policy

Pursing the cutting-edge, high-level technologies to provide top-quality products.
Doing the best for continuous cost reduction to increase our profitability.
Deepening trust with customers, business partners, employees, local communities and others.
Thinking of customer satisfaction first to build trusting relationship with the customers.
Building corporate culture to develop human resources to prove themselves competent and resourceful.
Making efforts for global environmental protection with eco-friendly products and production systems.
Focusing on safe products to ensure quality assurance and information management.
Joining more positively in contributing in local communities and the entire society.

Corporate culture

Minding customer satisfaction to prompt customers to place their orders with us again.
Providing differentiated quality, cost-cutting, delivery scheduling and services.

Keeping up everlasting betterment attitudes and unstoppable pioneering spirits.
Boosting creative and challenging spirits for tomorrow, not content with today。ヌs situation.

Bearing in mind corporate responsibilities to become a reliable corporate citizen.
Following rules and regulations to protect customers。ヌ privacy and to reduce environment loads.

Working together for mutual harmony and benefit to share happiness.
Creating values hand in hand to share final results and ensuing pleasure.

Shoei Group Leading Ahead around the World

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