Shoei Printing Co., Ltd. is a global printing business, across Asia in particular, which covers sales promotion planning, publishing and strategic base opening supports in an exhaustive way.

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Work hard, and the company evaluates your efforts, whether you are part-timer or full-timer.
Joining the company in February 2012
Megumi Kuroda
Since 2006 I had been in charge of assisting in bookbinding and packaging of products as a part-timer. Then I was promoted to a part-timer team leader and in February 2012 became on the regular payroll.
Being a part-timer or a full-timer, the company recognizes your work ethic and morale. This is one of the good points of the company.

Currently under the guidance of my senior staff, I do the documentation processing for product shipment and contact delivery companies. I still have a lot to learn. Closely communicating with the bookbinding staff and packaging personnel, I make it a point to deliver our products to our customers on time.
I am going to learn more about my jobs steadily and to do my best without making mistakes.
To keep up product quality, communication is essential, I believe.

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