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Being backed by my co-workers in the workplace, I can balance work with family life.
After the maternal leave, I could come back to work smoothly.
Joining the company in June 2005
Nozomi Honma
In the Accounting Department, I do the payable-trade and receivable-trade accounting. Once joining the company, I got married and gave birth, and I could receive a child-bearing and child-raising leave for two years and a half.
Before coming back to work, I was worried about balancing work with family. The welcome-back program that the company had prepared helped me to get familiar again with the work in a smooth way.

My husband works in this company too. He could get a parental leave. When we had our second child, he took care of the first child. I feel grateful to the company and my husband.
Because our children are still little, I have to leave work before finish time or take some days off because of their sickness. My co-workers and senior staffers cooperate generously with me. In return, I keep myself to give helping hand to my fellow workers.
I try to be a role model for those who want to receive a child-bearing and child-raising leave in the future. At work and at home alike, I am going to improve my lifestyle skills.

I greatly appreciate all the generous help from all the people around. I am trying to return their help at work.

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